Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?


What Every New Backpacker Ought To Know

I have been backpacking now for some time and it dawned on me how much I have learned over this time.  If you are new to backpacking (not necessarily with a tent, but general backpacking), then here are my top five tips to get you started. #1 – Find a Rucksack That Fits You Properly There…

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DISTANCE: 21.27 miles, 48k steps, 34km FERROL IS RIDDLED WITH DRUNKS I Left at 6.18am after a hot coffee in my room (love my jet boil).  Ferrol is a big city and the place is riddled with drunks who have not yet made it home! – I am walking in the dark, heading for the…

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How to Live Adventurously Every Day

One of my past-times is to indulge in YouTube videos. I watch all sorts of videos from people who have accomplished amazing things in their lives, to gear reviews and personal development.  I may watch the story of someone climbing Everest or walking the Pacific Crest Trail, or even rowing the English Channel.  I am…

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Ep3 – The Camino Talk Show, with Sue Skelly

  INTERVIEW NOTES 1.20 – general intro 2.10 – How did you find out about the Camino? 3.30 – Was this your first Camino?  Sue heard about the Camino in many ways before deciding to walk. 6.50 – Sue tells her amazing story of how she was kicked off a plane and was made to…

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