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Becoming an Adventure Geek Club member is the best way for you to maximise your enjoyment of walking.  The AG Club consists of members of all ages, social backgrounds and abilities.  We only have one rule... we only walk with nice people!

If you are interested in joining the Adventure Geek Club from @ £8 a month for unlimited walks, simply complete the form below.

Note: No long-term commitment, you can cancel at any time.

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I want to walk with like-minded people whilst enjoying some exercise and having a fun time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our insurance is only valid if we adhere to government guidelines with regards to Covid.  Saying that, although we are legally allowed to walk with up to 30 people per group, we have decided to cap our walks at 15 per group going forward.  

June 2021 - Updated: 

Book with confidence and know that we adhere to the following guidelines at all times:-


  • You will only be allowed to walk with AG if you have registered for the event.  We are strict on numbers, and we would not like to turn people away, so please make sure that you have pre-registered using the Eventbrite system (not just clicking "going" on Facebook). 
  • We will try to adhere to a 2m rule where possible, however, a 1m social distancing will be required during the walk at all times. 
  • At the beginning of the walk, we will insist that everyone uses hand sanitiser as we will be touching stiles and gates etc during the walk. (Please bring your own, but your walk leader will also have a supply). 
  • Sweets - we use a system called "Squidge and dip" - at the halfway stage of a walk we always carry sweets.  As long as you have "squidged" your hands with sanitiser, we will allow you to "dip" into the sweetie bag.  
  • Your walk leader is not allowed to carry personal possessions for you.  Please bring a bag with drink/pockets to carry keys/hats/gloves etc  (think about supporting the AG brand by purchasing an AG rucksack!). 
  • We encourage you to open gates using your elbow, and unfortunately, we are unable to assist each other over stiles etc.  
  • If you wish to bring and PPE, masks etc, please do.  All walk leaders will also carry sanitiser, protective gloves and the first aid kit.
  • If you are contacted through "Test and Trace" and have walked with an AG group within the previous 48 hours, you must notify me and I will pass on to those that have walked.

There are many benefits of an AG Club Membership, as well as the exercise, and meeting new people which goes without saying! 

  • Access to member-only walks (map & scope walks)
  • Access to the club challenges, such as photo competitions, mileage challenge etc. 
  • Discounts on Adventure Geek weekend breaks and other holidays. 
  • Free sweets during each walk.
  • Unlimited walks - just book and go! 
  • Guaranteed new walks every month
  • Discounts on the AG store, from books to merchandise. 
  • A free AG club pin badge for your backpack. 

Yes!  You can come along to two free weekly club walks before we ask you to consider joining the club. 

How do you join a free walk?  Simply click on the walk that you would like to attend and select the "non-member - first-timer" ticket option. 

All walks can be viewed on the website or using Eventbrite. Click here to book your first free walk. 

We currently have two membership options:-

  1. Pay monthly for unlimited walks at £10 a month
  2. Pay annually £96 (£8 a month). 

To purchase one of these options see options at the bottom of this page. 

Alternatively select the PAYG ticket, no membership needed. 

You can find all of our walks listed on the events page of our website. 

Currently, we are operating in Northamptonshire and Bucks, however, new areas are developing all the time. 

We also organise weekend breaks and longer holidays which are available for members and non-members

As a rule, our local walks (Northants, Warks and Bucks) tend to be:-

  • Monday evenings @ 6.15pm - 8.30pm 
  • Monday day time @ 9.45am - 12.30pm
  • Tuesday or Wednesday day time @ 9.45am - 12.30pm
  • Thursday evenings @ 6.15pm - 8.30pm (from March-October)
  • Regular Saturday or Sunday walks, which are usually between 10-15 miles. 

As club members, you are also entitled to join a club only walks.  These are mini-adventures where we discover new walks to add to the AG portfolio and "pointy map walks". 

All the walks are listed on the events page of the website. 

We cater for everyone. 

Evening walks can vary from 2-5 miles.  

Weekend walks tend to be from 6-15 miles.  

We also run a variety of longer events such as walking up Snowdon, Peak District walks or venturing off to Spain to walk the Camino - however, these breaks will be chargeable. 

Our walks are for everyone, however, we do grade the walks as follows:-

  • Easy - a very flat route, usually on paved pathways. The average pace is more of a leisurely stroll. 
  • Moderate - may include a few steep hills, stiles or ploughed fields that can sometimes be proved to be challenging.  All walks over 4 miles will be graded as moderate. 
  • Challenging - every now and then we like to increase the pace.  If you see a walk that is labelled as challenging then you know that the pace will be fast and that you are likely to break into a sweat.  A challenging walk may include hills, mountains or even a geocaching trail that will take us through thick woods whilst in search of plastic boxes.  

We split the groups

If we have over 15 attendees then we will split the group into two and have two walk leaders.  One leader will lead the group clockwise and the other leader will go anti-clockwise.  

Yes, although the walks in the wintertime are usually shorter and are located in reasonably lit areas with well-trodden paths. 

All we ask is that you bring along a torch and reflective/bright clothing during the months of October - March. We request that you do not bring head torches as they tend to blind people.  If you were interested in which type of torch to purchase, then this is the one that most of our club members use.  It's very bright and also extremely light.  The bonus is that you can also use it as a power bank to charge up your phone. 



Yes.  The Walk Directors are Outdoor First Aid Trained. 

If the walk director is not present then a qualified / dedicated first aider will be nominated for the walk. 

Yes.  Not only can you view the walks on YouTube (we usually put together videos for each of our walks), but here are a few testimonials from some lovely people on Facebook.  (see all Facebook testimonials here)

Yes.  Dogs are welcome on nearly all of our walks, but we ask for only one dog per human and also please do not use extension leads (as they tend to trip up the other walkers which is a bit annoying). 

Sometimes you will see a note on an event saying "small dogs only" - this simply means that there may be many stiles on the route which are not dog friendly.  Heaving large dogs over stiles can slow the group down, so we ask that only small dogs attend these walks. 

If we are aware of cattle in numerous fields on a particular walk, then again we will make a note of no dogs allowed, which is for the safety of the group.  


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I want to walk with like-minded people whilst enjoying some exercise and having a fun time. 

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You can find all of our walks listed on the events page of our website.