Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?


New Camping Gear for the Camino Ingles Route

3f ul gear lanshan 2

As some of you may know, I am heading back to Spain in October 2018 to walk the Camino Ingles (English Way).   I will be walking from the old landing steps at Ferrol in Northern Spain to the Cathedral in Santiago.  This route walks along the coast and then through the beautiful green landscape of the…

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The Must Have Gadget for Walking in the Camino Sun

Gear review of the multi-cool buff, which is perfect for the camino

As I type this blog we are in the final preparations of walking the Camino.  I already mentioned this particular gadget in last week’s blog (Four helpful tips for walking in the sun), but I had not purchased one of these at that stage.  I have now tested the Multi-cool Enduracool buff and I love…

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JetBoil Flash Backpacking Cooking System is Wicked!

Jetboil flash - why I love my backpacking stove

If you are buying a cooking system for your backpacking adventures then the JetBoil Flash is certainly worth consideration.  Check out the video below, but if you are not the video type, then feel free to read the full blog underneath the video. I spent hours (yes, hours!) on YouTube looking for the perfect cook system…

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The Best Lightweight Day Pack for Hikers

I absolutely love my Sea to Summit Lightweight Daypack and here are the reasons why:- * It packs up very small. Dinky is probably the best word to use! * It is very comfortable to wear * It holds up to 20 litres * At only 69oz, what is there to not like about this…

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Wicked Shoulder Pouch for Your Mobile Phone

In this week’s video, I explain the benefits of the Maxpedition Mobile Phone Pouch that fits snuggly onto the shoulder strap of any backpack.  I also show you my previous mobile phone holder which is extremely heavy, way too big and simply not fit for purpose. This fantastic backpack pouch will fit most mobile phones, although…

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Five Gadgets That I Adore for All My Hiking Trips

5 hiking and backpacking items that I love

  Last week I put together a video of the five items that I had purchased that were a complete waste of money.  (see here).  This week, I thought it would be wise to add a topic that was a bit more helpful and added some value for you guys with the five gadgets that…

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Five Hiking Items That I wish I Hadn’t Purchased

 In this week’s video, I am going to share with you my five gadgets that I purchased, but never actually used.  I am sure we have all been there.  The temptation of the Amazon button is glowing in front of you and before you know it you have clicked “buy now”.

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