Accident Report

Accident Form

For the walk leaders to complete if first aid was administered during a walk.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Approx Time of accident
Name of walk leader(Required)
Please enter the name of the walk leader who was leading the walk.
Name of the First Aider on the walk
Name of person that was injured.(Required)
Please enter the name of the walk and the location of the accident.
STATEMENT: (example) Fred was walking with a small group of twelve people. The weather was wet and rather muddy on the return through the woods. On a particular area where the descent was quite steep, Fred slipped and fell into the mud. The back-marker, Bert, who is outdoor first aid qualified was just behind Fred and was at the scene quickly. Fred appeared shaken up, and very muddy, but was capable of walking back to the car. The type of injury - bruised leg and a sore wrist, but nothing was broken. No reports of unconsciousness, and no need to call an ambulance. No first aid was administered.
WITNESS DETAILS: (EXAMPLE) Nearest to the scene was Chris(who gave a helping hand of support on the way back to the car), Chris statement: Fred was slightly in front of me and we both came upon a leafy and twiggy boggy patch in our path. There didn’t seem to be a way around it so Fred started to negotiate her way across. He suddenly tripped and launched forward headlong across the muddy patch. He hurt her knee and her left hand when she landed. She was pretty much covered with mud.
WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO PREVENT AN ACCIDENT HAPPENING AGAIN IN THE FUTURE? Example below. The walk leader will now assist with all dangerous and potential crossings. Irrelevant to it being a road, or a stream, or a muddy steep decline. We will then regroup after the obstacle. This will be more effective than relying on the group to pass information down the line.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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