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The AG Photo challenge was established in 2019 and was introduced as a way to encourage people to explore the world around them.  Being more mindful on a walk and looking out for fun and interesting things to see such as straight lines, things made of wood, blue items or amazing sunrises can have more benefits to your mental wellbeing than you may realise. 

The rules for entry are: 

  • Photos MUST be taken outside.
  • Photos must have been taken during the dates posted for the competition.
  • Uploaded your photo to the  Facebook Group or AG WhatsApp to submit your entry.
  • Important – Use the hashtag #agphotochallenge which helps us find the entries.
  • No nicking photos from the internet.
  • Anyone can enter the competition (you do not need to be an AG club member). 
  • There are no prizes, it is just for fun. 
  • You can enter as many photos as you wish, but please be mindful of others (especially if posting on WhatsApp). 


Check out the latest winners of the photo competition below.  If you click “view” you can also see all the entries for that month. 

July 2023 – Black & White Nature Photos

We had some amazing photos for the black and white “nature” competition this month.  Congratulations to Alison Snelling who was a very worthy winner with this awesome penguin photo. To view all other entries click here

October 2023 – Sculptures

The theme for this month was “Sculptures” and we asked people to take photos of a sculpture that had a person or object with the sculpture.  Congrats to Stephanie & Julie who won by 31% of the votes with this awesome scary spider sculpture, taken in Bilbao.   

September 2023 – Curves

The theme for this month was “Curves” and we asked people to take photos of things outside that had a curve.  This has been our most popular competition so far with over 100 entries.  Congrats to Christine MacAteer who won with over 11% of the votes with this wonderful hay bale photo.  To view the other entries click here. 

August 2023 – Sunset / Sunrise

The theme for this month was “Sunset or sunrise with a focal point” and we asked people to take photos of the sunset or sunrise but it must have an object or focal point in the image, not just a landscape..  Congratulations to Sue Howe who won this month with her wonderful cornfield sunset photo. To view the other entries click here

March 2023 – Spring Flowers

The theme for this month was “Spring Flowers” and we asked people to take photos of spring flowers that also included something else in the picture (so not just flowers)  Congratulations to Rebecca Dearing who won this month with her wonderful entry of spring flowers putting on a display at Beaulieu-Sur-Mer! #agphotochallenge. Click “view” to see the other entries. 

February 2023 – Straight Lines

The theme for this month was “Straight Lines” and we asked people to be creative with their responses..  Congratulations to Nicki Henry who won this month with her wonderful railway line image. Click “view” to see the other entries. 


January 2023 – Blue

Spot blue things that you see outside.  Please do not post endless photos of the sky, we want to see different things that you wouldn’t normally see outside, or perhaps something beautiful such as a pretty ornament or a rustic old blue door.  Congratulations to Susan Summers who won this month’s competition with her blue dinosaur. 


December 2022 – Dead Trees

The theme for this month was “Dead Trees” and we asked people to be creative with their responses. The rule was not to post photos of items made of wood, it should be trees that are already dead or struggling to say alive.  Congratulations to Claire Coussens who won this month’s competition. 


November 2023 – Back to the Camera

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to take a photo of people or animals with their backs to the camera.  Please be creative, we don’t just want lots of photos of people on a walk as that is just too easy. We want photos that tell a story. Perhaps try black and white or capture some sort of interaction. Congratulations to Emma Sapsford who won with this awesome image (this photo actually won the photo of the year for 2022 as well).  


October 2022 – Made of Wood

The photo challenge for October is a case of looking around us and observing the impact wood has made on our lives – be it functional or decorative. Use your photos to show your appreciation for the skills, creativity and craftsmanship behind pieces that are made of wood, and allow the viewer to see something new in what might be an everyday object such as a spade handle, a chair, or a wooden building.  Congratulations to Helen Blake who won this challenge. 


September 2022 – Three in a Row

Enter your best photos of three things of all the same type that are in a row. It may be three birds on a wire, or three sticks in the mud, etc. Whatever it is, let it be creative or unusual.  Congratulations to Paula Cannon who won this month’s competition. 


August 2022 – Gnomes

We received some very strange photo entries for the “gnome” photo challenge this month.  Check out the “view” button above.  Congrats to Alison Snelling whose unique “human gnome” won the votes with nearly 30%.  Well done Alison. 


July 2022 – Shells

I challenge you to join in this month’s photo competition which is “Shells”. I spotted a shell on a door when on the morning miracle walk today and thought it would be a good idea for a photo challenge in July.

Shells are everywhere! It could be a tortoise, a snail, an ornament – let’s try and do something a bit different rather than just sea shells.

Congratulations to Claire Jenkins for her awesome shell photo. 


June 2022 – Ice Challenge

We have had some very interesting entries this month as people were really thinking differently. Thank you to all those who submitted a photo and congrats to Rachel Wooliscroft for this very creative entry!


May 2022 – Yellow

The theme for this month was “yellow”.  Congrats to Rebecca Dearing who won the challenge with a fabulous picture of a cow wearing yellow earrings.

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