Welcome to the Adventure page!

We know that there are many types of hikers out there, but which one are you?

  • The gadget hiker? - all the gear and no idea!
  • The social hiker - enjoys lots of time in coffee shops and chatting with others.
  • The fitness fanatic - you enjoy a challenging hike, with steep climbs and long mileage.
  • The survival hiker - loves wild camping and Scotland is calling you!
  • The photo hiker - you stop every five mins to take photos and videos
  • The minimal hiker - complete opposite to the gadget hiker!
  • The most likely lost hiker - you have a terrible sense of direction

Whatever type of hiker you are we hope you find an adventure below that seems appealing. Whether you prefer to walk with an organised group or perhaps you simply enjoy a self-guided walk.  We have something for everyone.