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Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?

Random Thoughts

The Importance of A Map and Compass

As some of you may know, I recently passed the Lowland Leaders Course, which is a nationally recognised qualification for the outdoor industry.  In all honesty, I very nearly didn’t pass this course, mainly due to my attitude towards maps and a compass. I needed to change my attitude! In my head, paper maps were…

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Just 15 minutes of walking each day sounds easy doesn’t it? This is last week’s activity on my phone. As some of you may know, I have recently returned from walking the South Downs Way.  On the last four days I was joined by Jason Perry who is a good friend of mine.  We are…

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Course: Lowland Leaders Award Weekend Course (26th/27th Jan 2019) Min Walks Registered: 10 (Dlog) Location: Chesham Gear Taken: Walk Leaders Kit Enjoyment Level: Brilliant fun! I realised how much I didn’t know! I left my house around 7.30am on Saturday and headed south for Chesham.  I have never walked within the Chiltern Hills area, and…

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Seven Tips For Waking Up Early

A long long time ago, I read a book called “Early to Rise” by Andy Traub.  I am going to be completely honest here and tell you the reasons why I decided to start waking up earlier (back in 2008), I wanted to get more work done!  There, I said it!  When I was running…

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A Must Read For Newbie Walkers!

Click here to visit the site. Going for a walk sounds so easy, doesn’t it?  We have been walking since we were toddlers and we walk every day.  Whether we are strolling around the supermarket, or taking the dog for a little jaunt we don’t really think about it as it is a natural movement.…

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Setting The Adventure Geek Goals for 2019

As we launch into the new year, I thought it was an apt time to start setting some goals and to focus on what is it that I want to achieve with Adventure Geek?  In all honesty, AG was never intended to be a business, but I suppose most businesses start with a hobby and…

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What Is On Your Book-It List?

Do you ever have that feeling that something in your life has shifted?  It’s like another door opened and your soul decided that this would be a good direction to go.  When you walk through the door you have new found energy and you start seeing the world through different eyes.  Let me explain. It…

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What Every New Backpacker Ought To Know

I have been backpacking now for some time and it dawned on me how much I have learned over this time.  If you are new to backpacking (not necessarily with a tent, but general backpacking), then here are my top five tips to get you started. #1 – Find a Rucksack That Fits You Properly There…

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