Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?

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What Every New Backpacker Ought To Know

I have been backpacking now for some time and it dawned on me how much I have learned over this time.  If you are new to backpacking (not necessarily with a tent, but general backpacking), then here are my top five tips to get you started. #1 – Find a Rucksack That Fits You Properly There…

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How to Live Adventurously Every Day

One of my past-times is to indulge in YouTube videos. I watch all sorts of videos from people who have accomplished amazing things in their lives, to gear reviews and personal development.  I may watch the story of someone climbing Everest or walking the Pacific Crest Trail, or even rowing the English Channel.  I am…

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Five Amazing Reasons Why I Love Geocaching

During our Adventure Geek walk on Monday evening, I got chatting to a fellow walker from Spain.  I am not sure how the conversation arose but I soon found myself talking about another outdoor hobby of mine which is geocaching. I thought most people knew about this hobby as it has been around since 2002,…

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New Camping Gear for the Camino Ingles Route

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As some of you may know, I am heading back to Spain in October 2018 to walk the Camino Ingles (English Way).   I will be walking from the old landing steps at Ferrol in Northern Spain to the Cathedral in Santiago.  This route walks along the coast and then through the beautiful green landscape of the…

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What Was That App That You Use For Local Walks?

After yet another message on Facebook asking me “What was that app you used for the walks, Julia?” I thought it was about time that I told everyone my secret as to how I find new walks in my local area. I am keen to walk at least one brand new 3-5 mile walk every…

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