Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?



Course: Lowland Leaders Award Weekend Course (26th/27th Jan 2019) Min Walks Registered: 10 (Dlog) Location: Chesham Gear Taken: Walk Leaders Kit Enjoyment Level: Brilliant fun! I realised how much I didn’t know! I left my house around 7.30am on Saturday and headed south for Chesham.  I have never walked within the Chiltern Hills area, and…

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12 Week Training Plan for The Cotswold Way

Do you need to train for The Cotswold Way?  The simple answer is yes.  If you are walking the trail in eight days (most common) then you will need to comfortably walk up to 15 miles in one day.  In addition, there are many hills to ascend and descend, every day!  As you start the…

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12 Week Training Plan for the Camino Frances

I am often asked “how much training do I need for the Camino?” and the answer is it varies from person to person.  Some people who are walking the whole route over 5-6 weeks will not do any training at all as the Camino will be your training ground.  I personally think that this is…

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How Much Training Do I Need To Walk The Camino?

training for the Camino

What are the hostels like?  Do I need to take a tent?  Do I need a sleeping bag?  What about going to the toilet?  What if I don’t understand Spanish? These are all questions that I am asked on a regular basis with regards to the Camino.  But, the most often asked question is all…

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Lost My Mojo

It’s Friday morning and my “Adventure Geek Day”.  I love these days as I have my new office and I can look out of the window and chat to the robin who sits on the wooden gazeebo keeping me company.  These times are special as I feel a sense of peace.  Just me, my computer and…

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Training For Camino Frances – 6 Weeks to Go!

I was determined to stick to my target this week and the work week hustle on Fitbit certainly kept me motivated.  The highlight of the week was achieving a 12-mile walk with relative ease, including some steep hills.  We also had the opportunity to ask Jane lots more questions about the Camino and we heard…

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Training For Camino Frances – 7 Weeks to Go!

I failed dismally this week with my training schedule.  I am so proud of Julie who has kept at it and has easily achieved her step / mile goal this week, but I was the complete opposite.  It got to Wednesday and I started to convince myself that it was ok to have an easy…

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Training For Camino Frances – 8 Weeks to Go!

It’s still Easter week and I am juggling work, child care and walking, but it’s great. Rachel is at the age  (13) where she is not quite ready to be left on her own all day, and she still enjoys spending time with her grandparents, so all is good in the world. This week, I…

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Training For Camino Frances – 9 weeks to go!

I think we are at the point where other people are probably getting a bit fed up with us talking about the Camino now!  We now have a route planned and some goals set for things that we want to achieve along the way.   In my blog next week I will show the route…

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