In this week’s video, I will showcase the items and routine that I have when arriving at a hostel.  In my opinion, the sleep routine and getting yourself sorted when you arrive at a hostel is essential.

I am answering the following:-

  • What is the best bunk to have?
  • Why you should never ever EVER grab a bunk next to the bathroom.
  • The gear that I pack, and how I pack them.
  • Tips on electronics for a backpacking trip, and why they should be part of your hostel arriving routine.

Note: all of the gear mentioned in this video is listed below with a link to where you can purchase them from.

If you are backpacking and spending time in hostels, then you may find this video interesting. Below are the links to the items mentioned.

  1. Osprey Aura 50L Womens Rucksack
  2. Dimples Excel Sleep Sheet –
  3. Exped Dry Bags –
  4. Women’s Lifa Twin Pack Base Layer –…
  5. Laundry Net –
  6. Micro Towel –…
  7. Sea to Summit Travel Wash Bag –
  8. Lush Shampoo Bar –
  9. Travel USB Plug –
  10. Belkin Apple & iPhone Powerpack –
  11. Polaroid Zip Printer –
  12. Extra Long Lightning Cable –
  13. Booklight –
  14. USB Lightning Stick –

Keep an eye out for next week’s video which is going to give you some ideas of how to keep you entertained on a long walk.


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