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Invite Julia to ignite inspiration and drive positive change in your organisation! Whether it’s a virtual session or an in-person event, Julia is dedicated to empowering minds and nurturing success in the business world. Choose from a range of captivating topics tailored to your team’s needs and aspirations. Book Julia now to embark on a journey of growth and transformation!  Select from a variety of talks below (these are updated regularly)

The Morning Miracle - How to establish a fabulous morning routine.

You hear it everywhere: successful people wake up early. Richard Branson, The Rock, even Steven King all have a set morning routine which involves waking up early.   Who doesn’t want to be successful?  This 45-minute talk will walk you through the benefits of waking up early and will give you tools to overcome obstacles along the way. Let me be straight with you: waking up at 5 AM takes effort and discipline, even with purpose. It won’t magically change your life overnight and turn you into a super-human. But it will make a difference, progressively. Small habits compound and that’s how you change for the better and make a difference.  

Life & Business lessons learned from a hike across Spain

Business entrepreneur, Julia Doherty was sitting on a plane with her finger hovering over the delete button for the iPhone email app. She was about to walk over 500 miles across Spain on the Camino De Santiago trail for five weeks, whilst enduring a digital detox. Little did she know that this inspirational journey was about to change her life forever! In this inspirational talk, Julia will share the many lessons learned from this incredible journey. Some of the stories will make you laugh, others may fill you with emotion and some will simply make you cringe. Julia is a renowned speaker and her talks are from the heart as she shares the many situations that she found herself in when you only have two sets of clothes and a few mountains to climb!

Effective Time Management Skills for a Better Quality of Life.

Imagine a life where deadlines are met with ease, priorities are crystal clear, and you have the time and energy for what truly matters. It’s not a fantasy – it’s the result of mindful time management. In this 45 min talk we explore some practical strategies to make this vision a reality.

10 reasons why journaling is good for your mental health and wellbeing

Let’s delve into the wonderful world of journaling and explore the profound impact it can have on our mental health and overall well-being. Grab a pen, and a notebook, and join me on this journey as we uncover the ten compelling reasons why journaling is a powerful tool for cultivating a healthier mind and a more fulfilling life.

Walking for a healthy body and mental well-being.

A good walk is not just about the occasional one-off feel-good factor. Being active has a whole range of benefits when it comes to both physical and mental well-being. Julia will share with you her challenges and explain how the simple act of walking at least 30 minutes a day can create calm, clarity and space for new ideas to form.  She will also share a few stories from members of her walking club who have suffered from mental health issues and are now seeing the benefits of this activity.

Mind Matters, Navigating a Healthy Working Enviironment

Join us for a crucial talk tailored to the fast-paced world of a busy working office. In “Mind Matters,” we delve into the complexities of identifying mental health issues among staff and provide actionable strategies for effective intervention and support. In an environment where performance pressure is high, recognising and addressing mental health challenges is paramount for employee well-being and organisational success. Julia will explore practical approaches to foster a supportive workplace culture and equip attendees with the tools needed to navigate mental health issues with sensitivity and efficacy. Don’t miss this opportunity to prioritise mental wellness and enhance productivity in your team.

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