Dreamcatcher Electric Heated Throw Blanket


I am lucky enough to have a heater in my Campervan, but it is rather noisy and eats through LPG gas at a considerable amount. This week I invested in a heated throw and I must say, it’s amazeballs.  For those living or working in a campervan during the UK cold autumn/winter months then I highly recommend getting one of these.  It saves money, keeps you warm all day and takes up very little electricity.

The heated throw that I invested in has:-

  • LUXURY: It feels luxurious and very fluffy!  The heated blanket includes an easy-to-operate control making it simple to find exactly the right setting for you. Min is size: 160 x 120cm and is big enough to fit a double bed or sofa. It has a very long cable (2.4m).  For those in a campervan, the voltage is 220-240, the Wattage is 110-120W and comes with a standard 3-pin BS plug. 
  • EASY TO OPERATE: You can select a choice of up to nine heating settings and it heats instantly. You can also set a timer which is handy.
  • Low Running costs 3p per Hour based on the current UK Energy Tariff
  • SAFETY FEATURES: It provides great flexibility by allowing you to set the auto shut-off for either one or nine hours later, making it perfect for short spells and overnight use, auto shut-off for your safety and peace of mind. The electric heated throw has 9 heating levels, while an easy-to-operate control makes it simple to find exactly the right setting. 2 2-YEAR GUARANTEE.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: A detachable controller enables you to easily machine wash your electric blanket at 40 degrees. It says “easily detachable” but you still need a screwdriver to remove the controller section.  I do like the idea of being able to throw it in the wash if I need to. 

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