If you have been walking with me during the winter months then you will know that I am always moaning about having cold feet.  A friend of mine asked me to go on a little adventure that would involve crossing streams and very muddy sections.  She said, “I hope you have some good wellies”.  With this trip in mind I didn’t want to spend a fortune, so I popped to Decathlon to grab a pair of cheap wellies.   Coupled with my expensive insoles, these are now my go-to footwear for a small 3-5 mile hike in the winter.  (I love them!).

The warm, short wellies (it say’s “mens” on the website, but I have the ladies version).

  • Ideal for any outdoor activities in cold, wet weather.

  • Lightweight wellies which are easy to put on and pull off.

  • They have a removable fleece liner for extra warmth, and the non-slip sole provides a good grip on the muddy ground.

  • Cons – the soles are not very thick, so you do feel every bump in the ground, but coupled with a good insole then you should be fine.

  • Not recommended for long day walks, but great for little 3-5 mile hikes or walking the dog.



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