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Did you know that you can get fined if you do not pack out your toilet paper when hiking in the US? To eliminate the use of toilet paper, many people use a backcountry bidet. This is an attachment to your water bottle. Given that we are probably going to be walking through snow and we will be unable to bury the toilet paper, and I am not keen on carrying “used” loo roll, so I thought I would give the bidet a go. I have no idea if it will become part of my kit forever, but I will see how I get on. Some people swear by them and even say “its a game changer” – so I am quite optimistic! Wish me luck.

There are many bidet options out there, but I got the one with it’s own bottle (350ml).

💦 CuloClean peri bottle is the most discreet, effective and portable bidet on the market. Get effective intimate hygiene and feel clean and fresh wherever you go, like you have just taken a shower. Regulate water intensity by exerting more or less pressure to the bottle.
🌱 The ecological and economical alternative to toilet paper and wipes. It is durable, it is ecological. Use and throw products contaminate the planet with waste. With CuloClean you can forget about toilet paper and wipes forever.
💼 CuloClean portable bidet bottle cap is compatible with a wide variety of commercial water and soda bottles. You can take it with you even if you don’t have much space: in your backpack, in your bag … even in your pocket!

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