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It’s Time For A Pilgrimage Along The Camino

Find out everything you need to know about the Camino Frances route.  From packing lists, accommodation, travel guides and more.

My first Camino experience was in May 2016 and I have walked numerous times since.  There is something very special about the Camino Frances route.  Yes, it is busy, but the people that you meet will become lifelong friends.

The Frances route has the best infrastructure, and although you will read stories of “no beds available” or “the dreaded bed bugs”, rest assured that you can ALWAYS find a bed and that if you are sensible then bed bugs will not be an issue.  Find out more by clicking on the areas below.

The Camino Journey


Journal entries and videos from various Camino Frances trips. 

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Packing List

Are you wondering what to take on your Camino Frances hike?  

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Guided Walks

Get a taste of the Camino.

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Training Plan

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Find out the types of hostels, tips and Albergue etiquette. Click here

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Travel Guide

What is the best travel guide or app to purchase for The Camino Frances?

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