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Treat of the week – Camp Shoes

I must admit, I have a bit of an Amazon addiction.  I have been fighting it for some time now, but I thought if I can’t beat it, then let’s make a video about it and embrace my addiction.  I find all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets that make life just that little bit easier on the trail when out backpacking.

This week, I found some fabulous lightweight shoes to take on my Camino trips and long-distance hiking trails.  I also had lots of fun with a marketing gadget!

The problem

If you either walking the Camino, or any other long distance hike then your feet are going to need a rest at the end of the day.  There is nothing better than slipping on a pair of very comfortable shoes to replace those walking boots.  The only problem is that you need to carry those shoes with you in your rucksack whilst you are hiking and as we know, every ounce counts on the trail.

Many people will wear flip flops or crocs in the evening, but I am not a fan of either.  I find that flip flops hurt my toes and crocs just don’t do it for me.  I also like to wear socks.  Socks and a flip flop combination is just wrong!

Whilst having a browse (as you do) in Mountain Warehouse, I stumbled upon these Lighthouse Shoes.  I know they are not the most attractive of shoes, but they are super comfortable (a bit like slippers) and they only weigh 7oz for the pair.  There was no price on them, so I was a bit shocked when the guy said “That will be £39.99 please) – but I am so glad that I took the plunge, and hopefully they will last me a long time.

The Lighthouse Shoes are lightweight and comfortable shoes that are great for everyday wear. Easy slip on style designed with 100% polyester upper, soft synthetic lining, moulded footbed and high traction outsole.

  • EVA cushioning – Moulds to your foot providing support & comfort
  • Lightweight – Great for travelling, comfortable to wear and easy to pack
  • Rubber Outsole – Flexible and lightweight. Very long lasting

Treat of the week – Flying Cows!

I also received my flying cows in the mail today, all the way from China. Now, these have no value to my hiking whatsoever, they are simply a bit of fun.  I have given myself a challenge, which is to record a flying cow in every single one of my trail / Adventure Geek Walking Club Videos.  Watch this space! lol.

I have purchased a bulk load of cows, so if you would like one (at a small cost) then click the picture to the right, or view the item in the shop here.

  • Stretchy arms – use like a catapult
  • The cow actually moo’s as it flies through the air (although they are a bit sporadic with the mooing!)
  • I have had a real giggle using this toy.
  • Suitable for those aged 5+

Here are the links

  • Lightweight Camp shoes – here
  • Flying cows – here.


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