Treat of the week – A New Travel Adapter

I think I am the only person who will get excited when a bit of gear gets broken.  When I discovered that my 4 way USB travel adapter was no longer working I spent a little bit of time on YouTube and Amazon researching for a new product.  My criteria was:-

  1. Was there a plug adapter that was not big and bulky
  2. Was there something that was extremely light?

I stumbled across the Mu travel adapter and at £21.95 I thought “let’s give it a go”.  I didn’t have much time as I was flying out to Belfast in two days, so I clicked the Amazon Prime button (yes, I know, Belfast has the same plug sockets as the UK, but I didn’t know that at the time!).   When it arrived I was surprised at how light it was and more importantly, it was super skinny!  The UK plug folds up which is rather nifty!

  • Worlds Slimmest USB Charger
  • Single Port USB Charger
  • Smart chip to safely charge all devices
  • Folds Flat

What don’t I like about it?

  • As you can see from the video, the UK one is a bit tough to slide out!
  • There is no little bag to put the accessories.
  • It comes with a lightning cable, but there is no other cables.  It would be nice to have a dual micro-usb/lightning cable.

This week was a good week – thank you, everyone.

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