It’s still Easter week and I am juggling work, child care and walking, but it’s great. Rachel is at the age  (13) where she is not quite ready to be left on her own all day, and she still enjoys spending time with her grandparents, so all is good in the world. This week, I have a few Nordic walking plans, and we had our first 10 mile hike completed.  We are also getting ready for our first camping trip of the year…. spring is here! 

Week 8 – My goal for this week is to accomplish a min of 94k steps and 41 miles.

Monday 28th March – 12,962 steps (5.27 miles)

IMG_4498Today was bank holiday Monday and the weather was typical – wet and windy!  There was a storm called “Katie”, but it seems to have missed Towcester!  Matt and Rachel decided to have a lazy day, but I struggle to watch TV all day, so I put my walking boots on and headed out the front door.  It started off with a 2 mile walk to McDonalds in Towcester (I had a cheeky chicken legend whilst I was there!).  With a full belly I was ready for another 3 miles and two geocaches later (which included jumping over a very large and muddy ditch!).  When I got back home I was happy to watch a bit of TV with the family!

Tuesday 29th March – 8053 steps (3.42 miles)

Today’s plans went out the window due to the bad weather. I missed my morning walk as we had plans to do a long Nordic Walk with the club in the evening.  That all went out of the window when the heavens opened at 5pm and it didn’t stop raining until I went to bed!  Luckily I had walked a lot during the day with phone calls, client visits etc.  To top up my steps I walked the “living room circuit” until I got to 8k steps – how sad is that?  (This is what happens when you have a Fitbit – god knows what the neighbours think!).

Wednesday 30th March – 12,677 steps (5.67 miles)


A frosty morning walk!

It makes such a difference if I go out for my morning walk. My dog, Poppy, was like a little puppy this morning and so full of energy.  Saying that, she can hardly see where she is going as she needs a haircut! (booked in for next week!).

In the evening, as I arrived home, Matt and Rachel were outside with their coats on and were about to take the dog out for another stroll.  I joined them and we had a lovely long walk in the warm spring sun.  I love days like this when I get to walk with the family.

Thursday 31st March – 10,992 steps (4.58 miles)

Today I was quite chuffed with my steps.  A nice walk before 6am, and then I still had the energy to go out again in the evening.  Happy days!

Friday 1st April – 12,316 steps (5.28 miles)


Bev found her first geocache in Welton, Northamptonshire.

As Rachel was still on her Easter Holidays, and I had no appointments until later in the afternoon, we decided to join the Nordic Club walk for a 3 mile trek over Northamptonshire Countryside.  I perhaps should not write this in a blog, but I actually got to use my Shewee for the first time.  I must admit, I was a bit nervous as I was worried about it leaking, but I really needed to go!  It’s great!  I didn’t need to take off my backpack, neither did I have to squat or pull down my trousers.  Simply whip out the Shewee, undo your fly and stand up against a tree (just like a bloke).  Brilliant. (Or was that too much information?). 

My Nordic club are now into geocaching and we found two on our trip today, as well as a stray greyhound.  

Looking at my total of steps this week, I now need to do 16.78 miles this week to achieve my goal. Um…. 

Saturday 2nd April – 15,512 steps (6.86 miles)

A lovely sunny day, although the start of the Nordic walk was a tad wet! We started off at Grandborough, Northamptonshire and walked a total of 3 miles.  This was a very fast session.  I am sure Alison was running, rather than walking!  

The rest of my miles was made up with walking to Tesco’s and housework.  It is amazing how many steps you can do when cleaning the house!

Sunday 3rd April – 25,202 steps (10.18 miles) – OMG!

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 19.09.05

Yes!!  A wicked day!  Julie, Charlene, Kyra, Rachel, Becky and I met at Grafham Water at 10am and it was all systems go.  We had planned to collect a particular geocaching trail, however the first few caches were so muddy that we decided to walk around the lake instead.  Now, when I say lake, this is not a small lake!  It was just over 10 miles in and boy did we have a laugh.  We collected 13 geocaches. Kyra was not happy as she really can not see what the attraction is about caching ie: “looking for plastic”.  

This is the longest route that we have achieved together so far.  We kept a similar pace throughout the walk.  We sang songs (everything from “In a tiny house” to “Justin Bieber”), and we also played “spot the pheasant”.  A brilliant day out! 



Progress chart to date:

  • Week 8 – 97,714 / 41.26 miles
  • Week 9 – 93,592 / 39.43 miles
  • Week 10 – 92,058 / 38.36 miles
  • Week 11 – 91,613 steps / 37.34 miles
  • Week 12 – 93,396 steps / 40.18 miles

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