I failed dismally this week with my training schedule.  I am so proud of Julie who has kept at it and has easily achieved her step / mile goal this week, but I was the complete opposite.  It got to Wednesday and I started to convince myself that it was ok to have an easy week.  A mix of bad weather and a busy week workwise has made me feel a bit deflated…

Week 7 – My goal for this week was to accomplish a min of 95k steps and 42 miles (Failed…. big time!)

Monday 4th April – 9308 steps (3.85 miles)

Am I making excuses when I say the weather has been pants and I really have had no motivation to go walking in the rain?  Well, that is my excuse for today’s poor step count.

Tuesday 5th April – 7736 steps (3.13 miles)

What can I say?  More excuses…. My husband took the wrong car to work, which happened to have my walking boots and poles in the back of the car.  In all honesty, the weather has been lovely today, so I really could have just gone out in my trainers – but I played on YouTube looking at GoPro Camera’s instead.  (I am going to pay for that lazy day by the end of the week!).

I did find a cool little tool that will let me record up to two minutes of audio and post out to Twitter etc.  I often get little sparks of inspiration when I am out on my walks, so I thought I would start recording some and posting them on here.  (Let me know what you think).

If you want to record your own little audios, then the app is free and is called 

Wednesday 6th April – 8258 steps (3.36 miles)

Where has my mojo gone?  I think I need to find it sooner rather than later.  My work is really busy at the moment and juggling this with the training in the week is actually quite tiring.  I did manage to go out this morning for a 2 mile walk, and here is my morning ramblings..

Thursday 7th April – I am embarrassed to write this…. 4740 steps (1.91 miles)

I am off tomorrow and work simply got in the way.  I needed to make sure I was up to date if I was going to enjoy my weekend away camping.

Friday 8th April – 14,995 steps (6.06 miles)

Charlene with our geocache find.

Charlene with our geocache find.

We left for a spot of camping in Ashbourne, Derbyshire.  I need to remember that we do not live in Spain, or Austrailia.  This is the UK and April means “April showers” and frozen tents!  I actually managed quite a few steps with packing and unpacking the tent and setting up camp.  We then enjoyed an evening BBQ and went to look for a geocache in the dark.  I was quite happy with my steps today. 

I was quite happy with my steps today. 

Saturday 9th April – 9200 steps (3.72 miles)

None of us slept very well last night.  The rain was horrendous and there was a river of mud running through our campsite.  In the morning we cooked breakfast and Rachel now loves scrambled eggs!.  As we munched on the bacon, sausages, tomatoes and eggs, we moaned about how awful it was during the night.  Poor Charlene and Jamie’s airbed had a puncture, and they were freezing.  Jenny had a leak, and Julie was the only one who brought a hot water bottle with her.  We had a heater, but it still was not the most comfortable sleep I have ever had!

We walked around Ashbourne, and then went out in the evening for Fish & Chip supper.  I really wanted to go geocaching with the rest of the troops, however Rachel was not feeling well, so we went back to camp and left the other guys to explore Carsington Water. 

Sunday 10th April – 5915 steps, (2.4 miles)

OMG!  How cold was it this morning?  Julie and Charlene both had icicles hanging from inside their tents, and it as -3% on the car temperature gauge.  Saying that, I had a good nights sleep as I wore that many clothes, sleeping bags, hats and coats that nothing was going to get in the way of a restful time – except when your daughter decides to kick you in the head at 3.30am as she is moving around in her sleep!   

Don’t believe me?  Watch this video!


Back on it next week!



Progress chart to date:

  • Week 7  – 60,152 / 24.43 miles
  • Week 8 – 97,714 / 41.26 miles
  • Week 9 – 93,592 / 39.43 miles
  • Week 10 – 92,058 / 38.36 miles
  • Week 11 – 91,613 steps / 37.34 miles
  • Week 12 – 93,396 steps / 40.18 miles

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