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I must admit, I have a bit of an Amazon addiction.  I have been fighting it for some time now, but I thought if I can’t beat it, then let’s make a video about it and embrace my addiction.  I find all sorts of weird and wonderful gadgets that make life just that little bit easier on the trail when out backpacking.

This week, a tiny package arrived that will help keep me clean and fresh on the trail, as well as help to clean my JetBoil pot after cooking.

The problem – where it all began

After my first solo wild camp, I enjoyed a can of chicken and vegetable Big  Soup.  Soon afterwards I realised that I had nothing to clean my pot with as the sponge that I had kept in my pot previously had become rather manky and I had thrown it away (without replacing it!).  Oh no!  I swilled as much as I could with my hands, but then my hands were all grubby and I had nothing to clean them with, and my pot still had bits of soup in them.  Panic set in as I knew that “soup tasting” coffee would set me off in a grumpy mood in the morning.

I fished around in my rucksack and found a spare pair of socks.  That will have to do!  So I cleaned my pot with my socks thinking “I must put a dishcloth/sponge” back into my cook set up as soon as possible.

A quick YouTube search

As I was sitting in my tent I was watching a few YouTube videos and stumbled across a hiking video where a guy was cooking on his Jetboil and then cleaned it with a compression towel straight afterwards.  Genius!  The guy did not link to the towels in his description, and he didn’t even say what they were called, so it took me ages to find them on Amazon.

These are super useful for:-

  • Cleaning your cook wear on the trail – and they can be reused over and over.
  • Toilet paper – these are so much more hygienic than regular paper.  (I won’t go into detail!).
  • Replacing baby wipes -when you are on the trail it is important to keep clean.  Washing your body with these are great.  They are fragrance-free and contain no alcohol.  They are also much lighter than a packet of baby wipes.

Here are the links

  • Complete travel kit @ £8.13 – here
  • Although I will probably only use the tablets in the tube, which you can buy here. 
  • If you prefer larger towels, then check out the beach towels!  Here


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