If the very essence of Finland were to be summed up in a single experience, it would be the extraordinary sensation that comes from dipping into a slightly chilly lake after a sweaty visit to the sauna. And no district in Finland makes this more deliciously possible than the Lakeland.

There are over 188,000 glistening lakes and even more cottages set amongst them all around Finland. A majority of them is located in Lakeland, making the region represent the very heart and soul of Finland. It’s a destination of pure natural beauty and serenity; so much so that it’s the favourite holiday spot for the Finns themselves. And if the world’s happiest people find their joy and calm here, we think you will too.

Although now there are more modern forms of transport, people still choose to sail, paddle or row where possible. Before the age of the car, waterways were the highways of Lakeland and with a network of almost 4,000 km (2,500 mi) of marked lakes, rivers and canals, it’s the perfect form of travelling.

The stunning, unspoiled landscape of Lakeland makes it easy to get back to nature, and there are so many ways to be transformed by the wild beauty and serenity of the region. Lakeland offers countless outdoor activities in the warmer months, from scenic lake cruises to fishing, paddle-boarding, swimming and more, but it also harbours secret lagoons and hidden pathways that are perfect spots for quiet reflection.

In fact, nature’s bounty is so plentiful in this region that it’s home to 18 of the 41 national parks found in Finland. Besides enjoying the scenery and looking for flora and fauna, the parks are ideal for recreation like hiking, climbing, snowshoeing and other outdoor pursuits.

So if you want a true adventure whilst in the wilderness, you really need to consider Finland.

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