Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?

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Should We Stop Trying To Hit 10k Steps A Day?

Did you know that the 10k steps theory was actually a Japanese marketing campaign for the run up 1964 Toyko Olympics?  It was simply a way to encourage the Japanse to become more active. We all love that little “party on your wrist” when your Fitbit beeps to tell you that you have hit the 10k…

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Day 8 – The Cotswold Way – Final Day! I did it!!!

Pennsylvania to Bath Distance: A gruelling 14 miles! Weather: Horrible. Wet. Cold. Mud. Mud. Oh, did I mention mud? Terrain: Whoever said that the last day was all downhill lied! It was a typical Cotswold Way walk. I was teased by tarmac tracks as I struggled through muddy bridle paths. STORY OF THE DAY I…

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My Final Thoughts Before We Set Sail

As I type this blog it is 5.30am and only 24 hours before we leave for our second adventure on the Camino Frances route.  I know it’s a cliche but Rachel and I sat and watched The Way yet again last night to get us in the mood (not that we need any more encouragement…

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