The one where I’m joined by an excitable Jason!

WEATHER:  Hot until midday, then overcast for later afternoon.

DISTANCE:   16.54 miles

LOCATION: Amberly to Truleigh Hill



🌅 I watch the sun come up through the door of my tent and finally get out of bed around 6 am. I’ve got a lazy morning as Jason is walking with me today but won’t be here until 10 am. This means I can take my time. Pack away a dry tent! (Wet tent packing up is just horrible!). I can have another shower, hot coffee and even dry my hair! We have 14 miles to cover today, so I expect to be at the YHA around 5 pm (ish)

9.50am – Jason arrives in style and certainly looks the part. His new tent is dangling gracefully from the bottom of his pack (like one of those horse poop scoop things). He is keen and we set off for Amberly village store in search of supplies for the day.

11.20am – The day passed swiftly and the landscape was once again a stunning combination of rolling hills and gorgeous wheat fields. The conversation just flowed easily between Jason and we kept a similar pace which helps when walking a long distance.

12noon – We spotted many wind turbines (well, we thought they were wind turbines!) in the distance.  It turns out that they go out to sea for 8 miles and produce enough electricity for 80% of Sussex (or so a local walker told us).

12.10pm – In this blazing heat, we stopped to take a rest. A standing rest as there are no benches in this trail! Why is that? They should add more benches! Anyway, we spent five minutes watching a glider being towed and then released. It’s fascinating to watch, but secretly I was just pleased with the break!

1.10pm – OMG! These hills today seem tough. As we plod our way up yet another chalk ridden climb we spot two walkers sitting on the grass taking a rest. That looks like a great idea! “Can we join you?” I ask? “Of course,” said a strong Yorkshire accent. I smiled as I recognised the guys from a brief conversation yesterday. Malcolm and Andrew, retirees from Leeds.

The rest of the day flew by as we walked with our new friends. We didn’t just talk about the trail, and how they had walked with Pete & Ian (the guys from Oz) on my first day, but we also put the world to right. I’m amazed how much people share with each other whilst walking and by the time we parted company at Upper Beeding, I felt that they were long lost, friends.

There is one stretch of today’s walk which included 100’s of pigs!! The little baby piglets were so cute! I tried not to think about their future.

On our final stretch (all uphill) we finally found a bench! Jason saw it before I did and asked if it was a mirage! We had less than a mile to go but my feet were throbbing and Jason’s back was aching so we enjoyed a few minutes rest and revelled in the views over Beeding Hill.

I’m always amazed by the generosity of others. A local lady who was walking her greyhound offered us a lift to the YHA or the nearest pub! We gratefully declined but how lovely was that?

5 pm – Yippee! We made it. Another long day on my feet but I’m over halfway and tonight I’m going to celebrate by sleeping in a real bed. With a real duvet! We book in and Jason decides to start this trip as he means to go on and sets up his tent in the garden.  I’m impressed with his commitment to the task and also impressed with his little Nevis 200 tent! It’s quite cool!

Anyway, due to all this talking today I hardly made any notes, and I was limited on video footage. Must do better tomorrow!

Chilled with a glass of wine in my hand and reflecting on the journey so far. Today has been a good day.

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