On a recent camping adventure, the heavens opened and blowing up my airmat inside a 1 person tent was near impossible.  I ended up trying to juggle an umbrella a chair and the pad still got very wet. Needless to say it was a rather stressful experience and I needed a better solution.  I had the FlextailGear at home, but I really disliked using it.  The nozzle never stayed on the pad, it would turn itself on when in my pack so I couldn’t rely on it, and the hook would jiggle around which just became annoying.  I much prefer to use my pump sack which is lighter and does the job perfectly…. unless it’s raining!

As I was watching YouTube videos of people hiking the PCT for 2023 they are having storms galore, flash flooding and it all looks very wet, so panic set in! I need a better solution to blow up my pad.  After searching “lightweight pumps for blowing up an airpad” and ending down a YouTube rabbit hole, I discovered that FlextailGear have released a new version of their pump… the X2!  OMG!  I love this pump.  It’s 100% better than the old version.  It can be left on my airpad while I do other stuff and it doesn’t fall off. It blows up my Thermarest Xtherm in 47 seconds.  The hook stays in place with a little genius ledge, they have a strong magnet (not sure if I will use that?), and the new one is waterproof and more powerful.  The only downside is that it is 96g rather than 76g and it is a teeny weeny bit bigger.  It’s coming with me and I love it.

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