When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing


I have read a few of Daniel Pink’s books and this one certainly made me think about the best times to do things.  It’s a really interesting topic and not one I’ve thought much about before. Daniel’s researched this meticulously although there were a lot of referrals to “this study and that study” which I found myself zoning out on occasion.

There is a whole chapter on morning larks and night owls, which took the concept to a new level.  I now know why I always want a nap in the afternoon, and I know that I should listen to my body and actually have that nap (with a coffee just before the nap – yep!). I now know not to make any big decisions in the afternoon, and if I have any sort of medical appointments then I will try and make them for the morning.  There was a lot to this book and I would recommend it if this sort of thing interests you.

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