Thermo Pocket Insulated Food Pouch

I am dialling in my gear for my big PCT hike.  Part of the process is dealing with “food on the trail”.  I will need to carry a maximum of 7 days food which can get heavy and bulky.  With this in mind I wanted to be able to decant my dehydrated meals into smaller ziplock bags (less volume), but be able to hold the food in my hands as a ziplock bag would burn.  It is also very cold at night in the desert, so I wanted to cook my meal and leave it to rehydrate without getting cold whilst I am completing camp chores such as pitching my tent etc.  This lightweight thermo-pocket should hopefully do the trick.

The Thermo Pocket is a handy piece of kit that helps with making and eating your food pouches. The insulated pouch keeps heat in which helps re-hydrate/cook the food more efficiently – weighs 34g

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