A few weeks ago a good friend gave me a few sachets of Mountain Fuel to try.  I really enjoyed the night fuel hot chocolate and since then have purchased a bulk bag!

Night Fuel is specifically formulated to give you a relaxing sleep whilst at the same time re-fuel your body throughout the night so as to prepare your body for your next day’s activity. 100% active ingredients, 100% re-fuel.
Sleep is one of the most important aspects of recovery, Night Fuel provides a source of slowly digesting protein with a high amino acid profile to support lean muscle growth and maintenance as you sleep. In addition, studies have also suggested that taking on board carbs which quickly raise blood sugar may hasten sleep, such carbs boost tryptophan and serotonin, two brain chemicals involved in sleep, the study suggests.

“I was amazed by the effect of the night fuel – it was like some sort of magic potion!!!”
Nicola Aindow

– Aids sleep
– Replenishes muscles
– Slowly digesting protein
– High amino acid profile
– Support lean muscle growth and maintenance

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