Wether you are living in a van or you are out on weekend adventures in a tent / caravan, it is important to stay connected. I found that tethering from my phone was eating up my data and not always reliable (especially as I am now working in my van). I needed a reliable product. So after lots of research, I purchased this Huawei portable MiFi product, coupled with an EE unlimited data e-sim. As I type, EE has the best coverage and I am using the device in Spain as I type.

  • Practical, portable and powerful: Travel the world with Huawei’s super-fast 4G Mobile WiFi.
  • A pocket-sized solution to low-cost travel WiFi
  • Long Lasting Battery – 1500mAh battery for up to 6-8 hours of working time before needing to charge
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for family and friends– Share Wi-Fi with up to 16 devices simultaneously
  • All useful info at a glance-The screen displays information of Data Usage, Battery Life, Signal Strength, Wi-Fi status, connected users and more
  • Fast reliable connection – reaches up to 150Mbps download speed and 50Mbps upload, enjoy HD movies without interruption, download files in seconds, and hold a video chat without dropouts
  • Unlocked to ALL networks so simply pop in any SIM card of your choice! Works in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia
  • Comes with 2 year warranty and a dedicated technical support team
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