The Early to Rise Experience

I read this book in 2013 and it was a life changing experience for me. This was the book that kick started my early mornings which ultimately made me more productive, more creative and set me up for the working day.

Andy Traub (1977- ) was born in Indiana but now lives south of Nashville, Tennessee.

Traub has a love for creating spoken content so his writing style is characterized by a conversational tone and an ability to be vulnerable with purpose. Readers also enjoy multiple layers when experiencing his books. He embeds his own audio content directly into his books allowing readers to truly hear this author’s voice. Most of his books also have a corresponding podcast show available for free on iTunes.

Traub is proud of his writing and his work creating many podcasts. With Seth Godin’s permission he started the Unofficial Linchpin Podcast in 2011 and has interviewed dozens of thought leaders on that show. His shows are often praised because of the unique and challenging questions he asks his guests.

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