I know the name of the item is a bit random, but these Dicky Bags are awesome!  The quality of the build is excellent and it is very handy to have somewhere to put a used dog poo bag when you are in an area that hasn’t got a dog poo bin for miles.

They are not cheap, and I regret not getting the larger one as I find myself offering to carry other people’s bags.

Whether you’re using it to store your phone, wallet, keys, ball, leads or the original idea POOP you can enjoy your walk hands-free, easily safely and odourlessly.

The container is practical, soft and tough, as it’s made out of light and robust genuine 4mm neoprene, leak-proof and machine washable.

There’s a Pocket inside for several of your type of fresh bags and the company also sell a hand sanitiser that fits medium, large and extra large Dicky Bags too. Oh, and they give you an air freshener that fits snuggly at the bottom.  (You can purchase extra air fresheners).

It has a hands-free operation, so there’s a universal clip that attaches to you, your dog harness, lead, rucksack or the bespoke strap.

Your nose needn’t know what’s happening; it has this unique odour prevention thing going on: a unique airtight system with glued seams and rubber seal. Carrying Dog Poop is never a good look.

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