It’s important to look after your feet, especially if you are completing any type of long-distance trail.  For me, a cork massage ball is an essential part of my first aid kit.  Rolling out my feet, calve muscles and other tender points at the end of a long day whilst sipping a hot chocolate and watching the sun go down is just bliss.

This particular massage ball is 100% natural, sustainable cork made from renewable, biodegradable and recyclable sources.

  • MULTI-USE cork massage ball. Roll over various parts of your body works to provide muscle relief. Use on trigger points for RSI (repetitive strain injury) and along the bottom of the foot for plantar fasciitis.
  • INSTANT RELIEF simply roll the ball around the area of the body required and increase the pressure applied for a deep tissue massage.
  • RELEASE TOXINS and improve circulation with the use of this massage ball. Helps reduce pain levels and remove knots. Lightweight balls are easy to pop into your bag for use prior to the gym or after a home workout.
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