My good friend Rebecca recommended this book to me. At the time of the recommendation, she was over 3 years sober.  With a grandfather who died due to alcohol in the 1980’s and a father who has his life controlled by alcohol I was keen to understand why people (including me) drink?  What is it about this substance that makes us want more?  My biggest learnings from this book are quite a life-changing experience.  I now know why I want to grab a bottle of wine if I am feeling stressed or anxious. I now know that my subconscious controls many of my actions when it comes to alcohol. I learned that the brain is very clever and is able to forget the bad stuff, which is why we say “I’ll never drink again” a day after a terrible alcoholic experience, and then a few weeks later you are pouring a glass of wine.  I found the chapter on alcohol and health most helpful. I had absolutely no idea alcohol weakened the cardiovascular system, nor that it damaged the immune system. That it’s a known carcinogen.

There is a lot to learn from this book.  I would highly recommend it, even if you don’t have any issues with alcohol.

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