My Camino PodcastListening to podcasts is a great way to improve your skills, knowledge and become inspired.  I listen to many podcasts, but on the Adventure Geek website, you will find a list of podcasts that cover a whole range of topics to do with the outdoors, mindfulness and self-development.

I will add the podcasts to the site over a few weeks, so keep an eye out for my latest find.

This week am going to share with you a podcast for those that have either walked the Camino or are thinking about walking the Camino.  

Dan Mullins is a 50-year-old, father of three and a radio producer from sunny Sydney in Oz.  He has walked the Camino himself during the hot months of  July & August in 2016 – he walked alone and now he has the bug.  The quality of the audio is fantastic so it is an easy listen.

Each week he talks to a variety of guests that have walked the Camino.  Most of the people are relatively “normal” however I must warn you that he often talks about spirituality, which you will either feel inspired by or think “this is a bit weird”.  I loved it – especially the interview with the guy who produced a whole film based on “intuition”

His main topics of discussion centre around:-

  • People’s motivation for undertaking the Camino (some of the reasons are fascinating).
  • What did they carry (which I always find interesting #GearAddict )
  • Where they stayed
  • How far they walked each day
  • What makes the Camino a special place

If you are a pilgrim, or thinking of walking this trail across Spain, then this is the podcast for you.


Listening time: between 30-50 mins

Podcast launched: January 2017

Production: Weekly production

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