If you are buying a cooking system for your backpacking adventures then the JetBoil Flash is certainly worth consideration.  Check out the video below, but if you are not the video type, then feel free to read the full blog underneath the video.

I spent hours (yes, hours!) on YouTube looking for the perfect cook system for my backpacking trips.  The priorities for me were:-

  • Lightweight (as I am small!)
  • Durable (as I am clumsy)
  • Easy to use (as I have no patients)
  • Multifunctional
  • I also wanted something that was compact and packs away into itself.

I looked at many different systems and yes, lots of them (such as the Pocket Rocket) was much lighter.  But then you still need matches, windbreaks separate cooking pots, fuel canister etc.  I really couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of buying individual bits and bobs, along with a Bic lighter that risks running out of fuel etc.  The JetBoil was the answer, but there are so many types of JetBoil to choose from.

  • JetBoil MicroMo (4 seasons, travel light, quick boil time)
  • JetBoil MightyMo (Stowable, similar to the Pocket Rocket – boil time over 3m)
  • JetBoil Sumo (from Groups – 1.8l, 4 min boil time, large)
  • JetBoil MiniMo (I nearly bought this one!) Category is a convenience, 2.15 seconds boil time. Lightweight.
  • JetBoil Joule (for mountaineering) Chunky 2.5 litre pot and boil time 2.15 per litre.
  • JetBoil Milli Joule – High Altitude cook system
  • JetBoil Zip – for those with tight budgets (This was a close second)

After lots of research, I finally decided on the JetBoil Flash.   So what are the pro’s and cons of a JetBoil Flash

JetBoil Flash

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The pro’s certainly outweighed the cons by far (compared to the JetBoil Zip, which I nearly purchased)

  1. I can take it on car camping trips as well as backpacking trips
  2. It can take up to 1litre of water, which means I can have a coffee and food in one boil.
  3. Push button igniter, so no matches or lighters needed
  4. Colour changing heat conductor is a fabulous feature
  5. Easy to set up and take apart
  6. Improved design of heat regulation value (the Zip has the capacity to boil over).
  7. Insulated pocket for utensils.

The cons of the JetBoil Flash (compared to the Zip)

  1. The Flash is a little bit heavier (15.25 oz compared to the Zip’s 11.75 oz)
  2. The Flash was more expensive.  I paid c£95 for the Flash, and the Zip is £70.00
  3. There is no facility for all three utensils.  I can only carry the spoon and fork and not the spatula.


If they made a Zip sized Flash then that would be perfect.  The ignition and heat notification sensor was the main selling point for me.  I love my little stove and I have no regrets buying the Flash.

What about you?  Do you have a stove that you love?  Why do you love it?

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