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There’s no place like home – 1939, The Wizard of Oz

  • Guess the sound – this animal does not sleep. 
  • Derek & Doreen enjoy crumpets and a bit of passion.. cake! 
  • Mental health and mindfulness during Covid19 pandemic interview with Mark Vincent. 
  • Education slot – you’ve got to read this adventure/travel book! 
  • Janet & John – John hides his sherbet lemons! 
  • Sound revealed and closing with a quote of the day. 


Hello everybody and a very warm welcome to episode 4 of the Adventure Geek Walking Club Podcast.  This is a show for those who love everything to do with the outdoors, backpacking and hiking. Hopefully, we have something for everyone in each episode. So without further ado, let me explain the contents of this week’s show.

We always start the podcast with a bit of a quiz in the form of “guess the sound”.  This will be the sound of an animal, bird, or something to do with the outdoors.  I will always give you a bit of a clue before the sound and then reveal the answer and a few fun facts about the animal at the end of the show.

The second segment continues with the adventures of Derek & Doreen.  Today they experience the Heart of the Shires walk (not the 3 Shires Hospital walk!), and I am pleased to say that Julia got the postcode right this time!

Segment number three is an interview with Mark Vincent who talks about the Corona Virus and the impact the current situation can have on our mental health.

The fourth segment is an education slot. This week I will reveal one of my favourite travel authors. 

We then end the show with Janet & John’s latest antics. This week we learn all about stiles and where to not to hide your sweets when you have no pockets!


So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road, and see if you can guess this week’s soundbite.  I did promise a bit of a clue, so I googled “unknown facts about this animal”.  Google told me that these animals do not sleep in the same way that we do and the reason for this is that when they sleep they stop breathing! Here’s the sound….


The answer to the soundbite will be revealed at the end of the podcast. 


Over to Nigel for this week’s episode of Derek & Doreen. 



Thanks, Nigel.  You can’t beat a hot crumpet smothered in butter after a long hard walk…. said, Julia! I’m looking forward to next week’s episode where Derek & Doreen go shopping!

I am now going to transition over to this week’s interview with Mark Vincent.  If you know someone who is struggling during these difficult times then this will be a good episode to listen to.  I personally grabbed a few golden nuggets to help me deal with my own social isolation, so I believe there is something in this interview for everyone.



Thanks for your time today Mark, you were awesome.  For our listeners, all the resources that we mentioned in the interview is available in the podcast show notes.  If you are on Instagram then check out Matt Haig

Remember the only things we need to get through this pandemic, in the words of Matt Haig is food, health, home and each other…. the rest can wait.

  1. Terry Waite summary five top tips for coping with isolation from Terry Waite who spent 1,763 days in captivity in Beirut from 1986 to 1991#1 Keep in contact with others via digital and other means, while staying safe and remaining physically apart.#2 Keep yourself well: don’t slob around all day in pyjamas and a dressing gown!#3 Keep up a routine: get up at a certain time, eat regular meals.#4 Take exercise: dust off the exercise bike, do some online exercise or go for a walk.#5 Take this time of restriction as an opportunity: do some of those things you’ve been meaning to do for years, such as reading that book that’s been on your shelves for years!“In solitude, we are in fact together, so keep hope alive and don’t allow despair to destroy a difficult but potentially creative period of your life.”
  2. Julia Samual – women’s hour – This too shall pass (website here)
  3. Sending a postcard/flowers – Touchnote app
  4. Mindfulness, NHS England and lots of resources. 
  5. 7/11 breathing technique – download the PDF here
  6. BorrowBox Library Audiobook App – download here
  7. 5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing by the NHS – resource here

Next week we have Pat Hipkiss talking about Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail!



Right, time for this week’s education slot.  This week I wanted to share with you a very talented author who is from Northampton.  George Mahood’s style of writing is hugely entertaining.  His first book called Free Country is a true story about George and his best mate Ben who decided to cycle from Lands End to John O Groats without a single penny, oh… and without any bikes!  They started at the famous information centre at Lands End in just their Union Jack boxer shorts, and off they went!  They relied on the generosity of the general public to help with food, shelter and clothing and they also managed to get bikes (George had a kids racer which was way to small for him) from a rubbish dump in Cornwall.  If you want a lighthearted read about an adventure of a lifetime then check out George’s website – I have read all of his books and can’t put them down. 



Before we go into our finale with “Janet & John go walking” I would like to reveal the soundbite answer from the beginning of the show.  For those of you who guessed a whale, you would be right!  Whales do not sleep, but a few other facts include:-

  1. Whale “vomit” is used in perfumes.
  2. The story of Moby Dick is real.
  3. Accumulated ear wax can tell a whale’s age



We are going to end the podcast with the amazingly talented Shiny Shoes as he reads the lates Janet and John adventures.  Over to you John. 


Thanks, John – we all want to know if John actually ate his crushed sherbet lemons? It’s lovely to be introduced to new characters, and I think we can all relate to the muddy puddles scenario – the bit about the ferry had me in stitches!

As I draw the podcast to a close, I would like to leave you with this final thought from the 1939 film, The Wizzard of Oz.

“There’s no place like home.”

We can go on lots of adventures, but at the end of the day, it is always lovely to get home and snuggle up in your own bed.

See you next week!

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