Sunday – Day 3 Camino Frances
Orrison to Roncesvalles
Walked 12.66 miles (18.5 km)

Last night did not really bring much sleep. The German guy with wind was awake endless times to go to the loo and my bed was right next to it! It was not pleasant!

After breakfast we headed out on The way. We soon got into a rhythm going higher and higher into the mountains. Rachel got excited when we saw wild horses with their fouls and we saw endless sheep. I also found it amazing at how quickly you get used to stunning views and Eagles with 8ft wide wing spread!

In amongst all of this beauty was a little oasis. A truck selling hot coffee, cheese, bananas, coke, and hot chocolate. It was like a little bit of heaven. We continued walking into the forrest as we ventured out of France and into Spain. To be honest, we didn’t know we had left France until Abel (79 year old!) told us!

From there it was all downhill. The downhill went on forever and my knees, hips and front of my toes were killing me! Some 20+ somethings came running by, which didn’t make us feel any better.

This evening we went to the pilgrim mass, which was an experience (especially as we had no idea what they were saying!), The pilgrim meal was pasta, chicken and chips then a yoghurt.

We have a little dorm to ourselves which is great.

Who did we meet?
* James from UK, 18 year old, but old head on young shoulders.
* Miliana who became good friends with James.
* Vicki, Fernando, Abel, and others whose names I can’t remember!

Fitness levels
* My hips, calves and quads are a little sore but nothing major. I also tore a muscle in my lower back, but ibbrobrufen is amazing!
* Rachel has achey feet but no blisters.
* Julie has a sore hip as well, but nothing that will stop us.

Signing off now as we are going to have an early night.

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