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Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?

The Cotswold Way

12 Week Training Plan for The Cotswold Way

Do you need to train for The Cotswold Way?  The simple answer is yes.  If you are walking the trail in eight days (most common) then you will need to comfortably walk up to 15 miles in one day.  In addition, there are many hills to ascend and descend, every day!  As you start the…

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Accommodation Along The Cotswold Way

There are many different choices of accommodation along The Cotswold Way to suit a range of budgets and needs.  If you are intending to stay and bed and breakfasts or hotels then I would highly recommend that you book ahead.  I was booking my accommodation in December for a trip in March and many places were already…

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Day 8 – The Cotswold Way – Final Day! I did it!!!

Pennsylvania to Bath Distance: A gruelling 14 miles! Weather: Horrible. Wet. Cold. Mud. Mud. Oh, did I mention mud? Terrain: Whoever said that the last day was all downhill lied! It was a typical Cotswold Way walk. I was teased by tarmac tracks as I struggled through muddy bridle paths. STORY OF THE DAY I…

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Day 6 – The Cotswold Way, Dursley to Hawkesbury

Day 6 of the cotswold way

Distance: 14.47 miles (34,973 steps / 23km) Weather: Started off overcast and quite warm. By 12 noon the heavens opened and it rained all the way to Hawkesbury. Terrain: More Woodland, golf courses, villages (yey!), rambling streams, steep climbs and slippery descents. The Story of the day Last night I arrived in Dursley at The Old…

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Day 4 – The Cotswold Way, Birdlip to Painswick

Day four of The Cotswold Way

Distance: 8.54 miles, 20.988 steps (short walk today) Weather: I looked out of the window this morning and sighed as it was very wet and overcast. The minute we stepped onto the trail the sun came out and we had no rain all day. Result! Terrain: Mostly woodland with glimpses of views over Gloucester. The…

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Day 3 – The Cotswold Way, Charlton Kings to Birdlip

day 3 the cotswold way

Distance: 11.86 miles (28,574 steps) A slightly shorter day today, which I really needed! Weather: Absolutely lovely. Sunny, clear skies so we could see for miles. Health: I think I’ve found my trail legs. My shoulders are a bit sore but everything else feels fine. Read below for the full story of events. The story…

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Day 2 – The Cotswold Way, Hailes to Charlton Kings

Day 2 The Cotswold Way

Distance: 17.71 miles, 42,901 steps Weather: We were truly blessed with a fabulous spring day. The sun was shining all day and we had clear views from Cleeve Hill. We could even see The Black Mountain Range and The Malvern Hills from the top of the escarpment. Wow = just wow! We lost an hour…

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