The day we use the luggage carriage service

DISTANCE: 16 miles, 36k steps, 25km


I giggled to myself as the host of the hostel turned the main lights on at 6 am as if to say “time to get up folks!” The German guy opposite was sleeping butt naked which was rather disturbing (I didn’t see anything though!).

We left our amazing hostel quite late around 7.30am.  And started off at a leisurely speed. We are only walking 12 miles today so we are in no rush.

Rachel had a big grin on her face as she was carrying a day pack rather than a full rucksack. We had forwarded her heavy bag onto our next hostel at a mere €5 and it was good to give Rachel’s shoulders a rest.

The walk today was really lovely. We spent a good proportion of the day in a long green tunnel. We walked through burnt trees (which was weird). The animals today were mainly cows (and a huge bull!).

When we reached Samos we had a guided tour of the monastery by a real monk.

We ended the day with laughter, good food and wine. Luca was telling stories of his worse hostel which sounded horrific!

It’s now 10 pm and I can’t keep my eyes open anymore.

Night night

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