In this week’s video, I talk about my hiking goals for 2020 which includes three big walks that I have planned.  One walk is with the Adventure Geek Walking Club (Hadrian’s Wall), and the other two are solo hikes which are a little bit scary!

I would first of all like to say a huge thank you to Redline Campers who have agreed to let me record my weekly videos at their premises in Northamptonshire.  My weekly videos will start off on their grounds and then as the weather improves we will venture out on location.  I will also give you a little snippet about the vans each week as they are wicked and I really want one!  Visit: https://www.redline-campers.com/ to find out more.

With exception to my goal of producing a weekly “gadget” style video for 2020, I also want to write three books.  These will be based on my three solo hikes:

  1. Hadrian’s Wall – 84 miles, which I will complete with my club in September
  2. The Lycian Way – 300 miles of beautiful but quite tough terrain in Turkey – November
  3. The Jurassic Way – 88 miles, which is on my home turf. This walk follows the Jurassic limestone ridge from Banbury to Stamford passing through Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Lincolnshire.  I will be joined by people for a few days on this walk in July.

I am a little bit nervous about the Lycian Way, but I need to push myself outside of my comfort zone and this is the perfect trail!

Wish me luck!



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