With only 12 weeks to go before we head off to the Camino France we decided to increase our walks and training. With busy work lives, this is easier said than done, so we are just doing as much as we can.

To monitor steps, all three of us have a Fitbit.  I also enjoy using Runkeeper to map the longer routes, and my Apple Watch to check heart rates etc.  (Love my gadgets!).

Week 12 – Goal is 10k steps a day, and two x 5-mile hikes at the weekend

imageMonday 29th Feb – 19,417 steps (8.96 miles)

Walked 8.96 miles in three stints. 1.5 miles with full pack walking the dog before breakfast.

3.5-mile Nordic walk with Alison  and the Nordic Walking Club (including hills). This was a beautiful walk as we started from Norton in Northamptonshire and did a full circle.  I had my pack on and got a tad hot!

Then Rachel and I went out in the evening with full packs (15lbs) 3.5 miles. I feel good – nearly 20k steps in the bag today, so I am ahead of the game this week.

Tuesday 1st March – 12,279 steps (5.38 miles)

Today I have walked a total of 5.38 miles.  I am quite happy with this as I have spent over 4 hours on the M1, driving to Watford!  I managed a quick 2 miles in the rain before I left, and then Rachel and I put our packs on and walked another 3 miles tonight.

Wednesday 2nd March – 11,163 steps (5.01 miles)

Taken with Runkeeper

Taken with Runkeeper

Hump day and it’s been quite a challenging day for walking.  Not only has the weather been very wet, but it was also snowing and bitterly cold.  I managed a short walk in the morning and then another walk in the rain with the dog and Rachel in the evening.  I have also got into the habit of walking around my building when taking a phone call at work (I get some strange looks but it’s all in the name of steps!).  5.01 miles.

Thursday 3rd March – 10,801 steps (4.81 miles)

As the end of the week draws to a close, I am struggling with a bad cold and lack of energy.  I knew that if I didn’t go for a long walk in the morning then I would not achieve my goal of 10k steps today, so I headed out into the rain.

Julie, Rachel and I are keeping each other motivated by a private Facebook group chat, where we have to post our daily steps before we go to bed.  Julie did over 14k steps today and is on track to smash her target this week.  I am having an early night and I may have some more energy tomorrow.

Friday 4th March – 9829 steps (4 miles)

A rather pants day today.  I had to spend most of it in the car as I met a client in Luton.  I was about half an hour early so quickly had a look to see what geocaches were there and I collected three to keep myself busy.  But they were all quite close together so I didn’t get that many steps in.

Saturday 5th March – 23,778 steps (9.77 miles)

IMG_4251We had planned to complete our very first long walk today, but as I looked out the window and saw that my car was covered in snow, it was easy to just snuggle back under the duvet.  At 6.45am I received a message from Julie saying “You up?” – and that was all the motivation that I needed.  Rachel, Julie, Charlene, Kyra and I met at Salcey Forest, and walked the cycle trail (5 miles).  I had four layers on, but I was soon stripping the layers as my body was overheating!  We stopped for a quick cup of tea at the forest cafe and then walked the same route backward.  Rachel and I both had full packs and walking poles, and I was pleasantly surprised that nothing ached (although I may not feel the same tomorrow!).

I am still not feeling 100% and I have decided as it is mothers day tomorrow then I am going to give my body a break and just have a lazy day.


Sunday 6th March – 6129 steps

Today was Mothering Sunday, so I had a lazy day, with exception of making myself go out and walk the dog late this afternoon.  I have not felt very well at all today as I am full of cold and coughing like a good-un!

Overall, not a bad week for training and I am happy with our progress.  We just need to keep it going for the next 11 weeks!




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