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When Jason joined me on the South Downs Way I had “gear envy” as he showed me his new solar charging pack.  This thing was heavy and I initially dismissed it for any type of backpacking trip, but when he charged his own phone and numerous of my gadgets and it still had three bars left I knew I just had to get one!

I suffer from anxiety when my phone drops to below 50% capacity.  I already have a smart battery case for my iPhone X, and a small Belkin power pack, but I would still run out of juice after 24 hours.  My phone would be constantly on airplane mode which means that my husband had no idea where I was, and I was unable to receive text messages or phone calls.  I use my phone for vlogging, photos, editing, writing and most importantly, I use it for navigation.  The thought of being lost in the middle of nowhere fills me with dread and I am not one for grabbing a map before I leave.

This power charger has some awesome features and some naff features.

  • 25,000 mAh (probably a bit excessive)
  • 4 solar panels that can take up to 30 hours to charge from flat.
  • Good news is that you can charge it using a USB – which takes about 4 hours from flat
  • It has a built-in torch with SOS feature – so no need to take an additional torch.
  • It can charge two items at once (two USB ports and one micro USB port).
  • Naff – it is heavy!  Yep, 1llbs worth of kit!
  • You can get them in a variety of colours.

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