The one with the sexy male runner at 6 am!

WEATHER:  Another scorcher!

DISTANCE:   14.62 miles

LOCATION: Cocking to Amberly


📚 Today I plugged myself into an audiobook and the miles flew by!

🚶🏻‍♂️ Colin, a fellow hiker gave up and caught the bus home. It’s too hot!

🏕 I decide that wild camping is not for me. The thought of pooping in the woods has put me off. I like a bit of comfort. Ie: toilets and clean showers. I’m to old to pretend to be something I’m not!

🏃‍♂️ Sexy male runner at 6 am!  🏃‍♂️

🎒 Smelly hiker story!

⛺️ The best campsite ever!


Destiny speaks to those that want to hear.  (A clip from my new book that I just had to write down)

6 am – I’m sitting on a wooden bench outside the main house. My Jetboil is once again working its coffee magic. Behind me, I hear a thud, thud, thud. I turn round to look to see a very fit 30+ something guy, no shirt on, just blue shorts, with pecks and a suntan to die for. He is out for a morning run. In each hand is a weight. I said hi and he winked at me! Well, that set me up for my day of hiking!

8 am – I’m packed up and ready to go. I chat with Colin, an older gentleman who is walking the same route as me. He is struggling with the heat and is at the verge of giving up. He’s lost his appetite and has not eaten in 24 hours. He tells me that he will catch me up and I pray he does. (He didn’t). Although, when he informed me that he’d already figured out the bus times I assumed this would be the last time I see him.

9 am – it’s hot! Over 20 degrees already and I’m walking with long compression socks on! What was I thinking? I plug myself into my new audible book “Two Steps Forward” and march on.

11 am – confirmation email for Foxleigh Barn, so I have somewhere to camp tonight and apparently, they have a lovely hot shower!

Lush green forests, golden wheat fields glowing all around me. Cyclists who have no idea what a bell is. More runners with no tops (but no sexy pecks).

Up, down, up, down over rolling hills and deep valleys. The distraction of my audiobook stops me checking the GPS every 5 mins!

1.30pm – I arrive in Houghton and my final destination is less than a mile away, but the pub looks too inviting! I worry that I’m a smelly hiker and ask if I’m welcome.. they put me in a discreet corner and I don’t blame them. I order a coffee and a ploughman’s (which was huge). My phone is charging but it looks like there is a problem with the plug socket. I give up with charging and just pray that there are facilities at the campsite. I turn on aeroplane mode to preserve battery life and order a glass of wine. My feet ache!

3 pm – I arrive at Foxleigh Barn and this campsite is the complete opposite of last night. The owners (Pete and Lynne) are very attentive and give me the guided tour. They have thought of everything. From USB phone charge sockets to cold water in the fridge. A luxurious hot shower and private bathroom to Wifi. I even see a clothesline and can do my washing. I’m in heaven and I mentally add this site to my list of perfect places for my AG guided walk next year.

Walking is always good for me. It creates space in my mind and gives me time to be creative. Today I’ve had a number of ideas about how to monetise AG and grow the business without me physically being there. A big penny dropped and I chatted my ideas through with the owners of Foxleigh Barn. Something different, something fun. They like my ideas and didn’t pull any funny faces so I’ll be implementing the initial phase when I’m home.

I’m the meantime, it’s time to pitch my tent (which I can nearly do with my eyes closed now), have a shower and wash my clothes (all while my phone and other gadgets are charging)

Then it’s off to the pub for ham, egg and chips and a glass of wine! I also have numerous text conversations with Jason P who is joining me tomorrow. He sounds excited (mainly because he has bought a new tent!). It will be nice to walk with another person rather than talking to myself all day.., the first sign of madness!

9.30pm and I’ve just watched the sun go down whilst sitting in my tent. Boy, this area is beautiful. I miss home (especially Matt’s chilli and cakes!), but I also love the freedom of long-distance hiking. I’d probably be saying something different if it was raining, but for now, it’s awesome!

Night night.

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