Did you ever notice that many successful entrepreneurs love to hike?

Walking and Yoga Workshop -Mon 13th May 2019


Boost your energy, quieten mental chatter and embrace the present moment with this Adventure walk followed by a Yin Yoga Session.

The practice of Yin Yoga is a modern practice, based on an ancient tradition and is becoming well known for its health benefits. In addition, walking can further complement the practice of yoga and together they can prove to be highly effective. Join us for this refreshing three-hour workshop comprising a walk in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside, followed by refreshments and a Yin Yoga session.


This is a 3-hour event that will commence at 10 am – 1pm

Meeting Place:

Crick Community Sports Centre, Yelvertoft Road Crick, NN67TF

Schedule of events:

  • 10 am – 10.05 am – Introductions and warm up
  • 10.10am-11.45am – 5-mile walk, led by Adventure Geek aka Julia Doherty
  • 11.45am-12pm – After the walk, we will return to our base for a warm drink and a quick change into comfortable clothing (leggings, tops and socks) ready for the Yin Yoga session.
  • 12 pm – 1 pm – Yin Yoga session with Red Hat Yoga aka Caron Lindley.
  • 1 pm – We either wave goodbye or go to the pub!


For the walk:-

  • Walking shoes or boots
  • If you are a Nordic Walker then please bring your poles
  • A drink and snacks
  • Please be prepared to bring wet weather gear
  • A hi-vis vest is essential on all walks (you can always borrow a hi-vis from the Adventure Geek mobile shop).
  • Your phone or camera to take some awesome photos!

Yin Yoga Session

  • Loose comfortable clothing for yoga
  • Layers to adjust your own temperature
  • A yoga mat
  • Blanket, pillow and cushion

Yin Yoga

Red Hat Yoga & Wellbeing Teacher, Caron Lindley, will guide us through a series of standing stretches to prep the body for our walk.

After the walk, you’ll be ready Yin! Yin Yoga is a meditative, floor-based practice. Postures are selected to release stiff joints, tight muscles and deep connective tissues. Yin is the perfect companion to walking as the practice will stretch out those tight areas in the legs, back and shoulders.  Postures are held for 1 – 5 minutes so you can relax into the stretches while you are guided mindfully to become still and peaceful.

Postures will be adapted for health conditions.

We will ask you to complete and submit this on-line health form before attending the event.

The Walk

This is a lovely medium walk which is set in the rolling hills in the west of Northamptonshire, including the villages of Crick and Yelvertoft.  The walk itself includes a variety of different terrains and wildlife.

This walk is suitable for people of all abilities as the walk is fairly flat.  We will encompass:-

  • Nice wide bridleways
  • We walk along the Grand Union Canal which is beautiful at this time of year.
  • Lush green meadows
  • We will wave to Cracks Hill.  Crack’s Hill was created during the last ice age, when melted water deposited material underneath the ice. Once the ice sheet retreated it left this pile of silt & rock behind, the hill is properly called a moraine. Worked flints from the Neolithic period have been found on the hill & it’s also believed that the Romans used the hill as a sentry point.  We are not walking up the hill, but we do walk by it.
  • We meander through Crick Millenium Wood
  • There are often cattle and sheep on this trail.
  • If you are feeling adventurous then you may be tempted to embrace the inner child and have a go on the rope swing!
  • We also pass the Crick Tunnel.  This tunnel is reputedly haunted by a shrieking female boggart named Kit Crewbucket, who it’s believed that if she takes a liking to you she will cook you breakfast, but if she doesn’t her shrieks can send you mad!!

We guarantee that you will feel rejuvenated after this walk and ready for your Yin Yoga session to stretch out those muscles.


Age Limit 

Due to insurance purposes, the minimum age limit is 18 years (no upper age limit applies).

Food & Drink

Please note we do not supply any food or drinks for this day walk, however, there will be refreshments back at the main base (hot drink and biscuits).


There are no permissions expressed or implied by the Adventure Geek or Red Hat Yoga organisers. Participants make use of the facilities at their own risk and without express permission from the Adventure Geek organisers.

Walking and Yoga are both physically active sports. If you have any doubts about your abilities, you should always seek advice from your GP before embarking on this class.

By registering for an event you accept that you do so entirely at your own risk and that it is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and able to take part in the event. We regroup often and our walks cater for all levels of fitness.

Adventure Geek or Red Hat Yoga do not accept responsibility for injury, loss and damage sustained by a participant. By taking part in this event, you agree to do so at your own risk.

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