WALKING POLE GLOVES (various prints)


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If you like to stand out from the crowd then these gloves (or the fingerless version) will be right up your street.  They have been designed to match the walking pole skins so you can walk in style from top to bottom!  Lightweight, smartphone touch-friendly, reflective strips for safety in the dark and durable.
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What size are they?

One size fits all XS, S, M, L  (not XL)

They are designed to work with walking poles.


What are they made of?

Our design is one of quality and as there is so little waste in production we can ensure they are fantastic value. The flexible fabric means they are perfect for most hand sizes, small, medium and large, so our production and storage overheads are low. We share those cost-saving wins with you. Apologies to those with very large hands. 
Our seams have been reinforced for longevity. The seams are often the weakest point of any design but we have thought of that. 

Safety feature

To keep you safe at night we have also added a reflective strip. Visible from back and the front! Be bright, be safe, be seen! We are really thinking outside of the box with these fabulous gloves.

Tender Loving Care Instructions

  • Gently wash in nothing hotter than 30 C max
  • Use a light detergent or soap flakes
  • Do not spin dry, just allow to drip dry over an airer, not a heat source.
  • Wash separately and avoid mixing with other colours.
  • Store them in a dry place

How warm are they?

Perfect for Spring and Autumn:
They perform optimally between +2 to 15 C

Special Features

Special features in a nutshell:
  • The glove is made of from a windproof rubex material that is flexible with a silky feel. It feels like a second skin with a medium weight of  200 gsm
  • The glove upper body has a colourfast embedded design due thanks to sublimation print technology.
  • The palm area has a branded silicon print for improved grip.
  • Unique two fingers touch screen so you can take selfies and stay in touch on social media.
  • Reinforcement silicon tape to seal all seams and protect your skin where rubs against walking pole or walking pole straps.
  • Reflective strip that head lights can pick up keeping you safe at night.

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