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If you like to stand out from the crowd then these fingerless gloves (or the full glove version) will be right up your street.  They have been designed to match the walking pole skins so you can walk in style from top to bottom!  They have been designed by outdoor people, for outdoor people and include all the features you'd expect in a technical fingerless glove. (see tabs below).
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What size are they?

One size fits all XS, S, M, L  (not XL)

The glove comes in one size and stretches to fit all; it feels soft and silky, and fits like a second skin, retaining its shape after use.


Fingerless features

  • The glove fabric is lightweight and breathable and blocks UV light.
  • A 4-way stretch ensures that the gloves are comfortable, smooth and supple which feels like a second skin, stretching to fit most sizes, yet retaining its original shape.
  • The glove wicks moisture away from hands yet is resistant to body oils, perspiration and lotions.
  • Anti-pinch reinforced section to protect skin and thumb adductor muscle/tendons; reflective dots for visibility and safety
  • Full palm non-slip grip on the underside of the glove ensures a secure hold and great control of equipment
  • Robust hooks on 3rd and 4th fingers for easy glove removal
  • Premium silicone provides a flat edge finish which doesn't feel bulky when holding equipment
  • Stretchy band to strengthen and beautifully finish the finger

Tender Loving Care Instructions

  • Gently wash in nothing hotter than 30 C max
  • Use a light detergent or soap flakes
  • Do not spin dry, just allow to drip dry over an airer, not a heat source.
  • Wash separately and avoid mixing with other colours.
  • Store them in a dry place

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