Ultrapod Tripod for Hiking Vloggers


Our Ref: AZ43

I have used many different tripods to help with the creation of my videos.  From expensive ones such as the GorillaPods and the Manfrotto tripods (heavy!) – but I fell in love with the simplicity of the Ultrapod instantly.  It weighs a mere 2oz and I found the velcro straps much more reliable and secure than the bendy legs of the Gorillapod.
The UltraPod Mini features sturdy, fold-out legs, a unique ball and socket camera mount assembly, and a strong VELCRO brand fastener for securing to tree limbs, railings, pack frames, or other similar objects. Folds to a compact 4″ length that fits easily into a shirt pocket. The feet of the UltraPod are covered with non-slip vinyl, preventing the tripod from moving.
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