WALKING POLE SKINS (Various prints)


Our Ref: SS01

Personalise your walking/nordic or trekking poles with these vinyl wraps and let your individuality shine!  Super easy to apply, and they all come with a reflective strap so that your poles illuminate in the dark.  If you are walking the Camino or another busy trail then these are a great way for your poles to not be “accidentally” taken by another hiker as they are easily identifiable.  Be different, be you. #PimpYourPoles

We are delighted to be approved partners of StixSkins.

Products are sold in pairs.

If you plan to cover the entire length (eg. fixed length or skiing pole) or thick shaft poles (eg. Bungy Pump or walking frames) you will need an adequate number of vinyl wraps. Each individual wrap is 50cm long and 5.2cm wide (to suit the most common 16mm diameter tube) and they come in pairs.

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