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I sincerely believe that walking in the outdoors awakens the potential for business ideas and helps unlock those personal life issues in the most powerful way.

Walking and Coaching in a natural way with established entrepreneur, Julia Doherty.

  • Business and life coaching
  • Walking for fitness
  • Explore your local area (anywhere in the UK)
  • Or perhaps you are simply seeking a bit of adventure in your life?

Get outside and Get Inspired

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Julia Doherty, a self-confessed workaholic, and successful entrepreneur found that walking stimulated her best ideas.  She is a huge believer that our minds are too crowded with “stuff”, which means our energy to be creative soon dries up. We need space in our minds if we are going to be successful in business and live fulfilled lives.  Unfortunately, trying to force matters or “pushing through it” rarely works but walking and talking does!

After reading a well-known book called “Deep Work” by Cal Newport a few years ago, Julia realized that what she had been accomplishing over the years was all to do with mastering the art of productive meditation.  Whether it was solving a business problem (staff/sales/creative thinking), managing a teenager, or dealing with personal issues she found that going for a walk often resulted in the delivering the answers.

Julia said, “I would return from a geocaching adventure, or perhaps a walk around the local forest with my best mate on a Sunday afternoon and be full of new ideas about monetizing a website, or creating a new product, or formulating a new podcast idea”

A personalized walk is a simple solution to help create space in your mind.  Walking and talking is good for the soul and a great solution provider to life's problems.

Get Outside and Get Inspired!


Early morning sessions work well!

We provide hourly walking sessions for busy professionals, stressed-out parents, workaholics and those simply seeking to enhance their fitness levels with a 121 coach/mentor. 

  • JOURNEY – if you are keen on a life or business coaching/mentoring session then we will implement the Journey model.  Life is all about a journey, so we walk and talk through this process. (Be aware that you are more than likely to receive homework after each session, which will be followed up)
  • POWWOW – You may just want to walk whilst “picking my brains” on a particular topic or problem that you need to solve.  If so, then the “Powwow” walks will be for you!
  • FITNESS – If you are simply looking for an accountability partner to increase your fitness levels then look no further.  From couch potato to walking ten miles or more.  I will be with you every step of the way.

Your bespoke 121 walking/coaching sessions will take place between the hours of 5.30am – 8 pm.  Yes, we are early birds and happy to rise with the larks. Weekend sessions will attract a premium rate.

We also offer extended sessions and a half and full-day walk and talk for individuals and groups with beautiful scenic pub stop serving amazing food, by arrangement.

See the “prices” tab for more information.

Note: Qualifications include outdoor first aid, expedition trained, lowland leader, trained and qualified by experience for the coaching / mentoring walks.  


All JOURNEY and POWOW walks are £65 for a one-hour bespoke session.  (min of 1hr applies)


  • Approximately 3 miles of walking per hour. Longer mileage requests are based on this hourly rate.  For example, a 12-mile walk is 4 hours, therefore the fee would be £260)
  • A personal route that has been mapped specifically for you ie: you may have asked to end at a pub or a cafe, or to include some history, forest trails, hill training, or a lake, etc.
  • Notes and confirmation of the session with agreed actions via email.
  • Mileage within a 10-mile radius of Towcester, Northants.

All FITNESS WALKS – for those that are looking for an accountability partner @ £16.25 per walk (min of 4 walks required)

  • We set your own personal goal and decide on a plan to get you there.
  • Fitness walks will be available for those in Northamptonshire only.

Does not include:

  • Food or drink
  • Accommodation
  • Development time if you have requested something unique.
  • Travel expenses (over 10 miles of Towcester, Northants).



Happy to walk anywhere in the UK.

Have car… will travel!

I am keen to explore any area of the UK  and I am happy to research, map a local walk to your location and set off on an adventure.   Or we simply meet for a walk around your local park (it really is up to you).

Please note that additional charges will apply if the location is outside of Northamptonshire.

  • Mileage will be based on 45p per mile
  • Accommodation charges may be applicable
  • Travel time will be negotiated.

Please note that I am not fully Mountain Leader Trained (yet), only Lowland Leader trained. This means that we will not be venturing up Ben Nevis anytime soon.



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