Ironbridge Weekend


A two-day weekend event in the glorious Shropshire Hills.  Day one is a 7.5-mile walk from Ironbridge, along the river and then up through Buildwas before descending back through the gorge.  Day two is a shorter walk of just 4 miles but includes The Wrekin which is a challenging, but very rewarding climb.   For the adventurous ones, we will be wild camping at a nearby location!

Dates: 11th & 12th June 2022

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Please let me know if you are intending on camping for the night? Depending on the numbers we will either wild camp or stay on a campsite.


Orange walks are designed as training weekend adventures for those attending an AG holiday, however, we do release them to the public after a set period.

This is a short weekend adventure based in the Shropshire hills and includes a fabulous river and forest trail with some steep climbs on day one. You then stay overnight (either camping or find local accommodation) before setting off on day two which takes up up to The Wrekin.

Here is a short video of our risk assessment adventure which will give you an idea of the terrain.

This trip is suitable for first-time hikers. We will take our time and stop often, plus we will always have a tail walker to make sure that no one is left behind. We have graded each walk – see itinerary tab.

Your walk leader will be Julia Doherty.

Day 1 – Ironbridge / Buildwas Trail
7.5 Mile Hike which includes a river and forest trail. We loop back through a deep gorge which is beautiful.


Day 2 – The Wrekin Trail
This 4 mile trail is one of the most famous walks in Shropshire. Many fragments from the Cornovii Celtic, the Romains from Iron Age and Roman Britain modern were found there.

The well-trodden path to the top is stony and steep in a few places, but the effort is well worth it!

On a clear day, the views are very scenic and the wildlife is simply stunning. This area is a composite of volcanic rocks, making the ride more enjoyable. Close to Wrekin Hill there's a has a scout camp for kids and the area has so many things to explore

Grade –

Accommodation and meals are not included with this package, however if you would like to join us on a camping adventure then let us know (no charge).