Using electrolytes when you are completing a long-distance hike or even a long day walk in the hills is an essential ingredient.  It is important to stay hydrated and to replace the salts that you lose through sweating as you hike.  I love the High5 Zero tablets as they are sugar-free, the citron ones taste refreshingly good and they have sodium and magnesium which helps with your hydration needs.

  • HIGH5 ZERO is not just a sports drink. Simply add these rehydration tablets to water to help your body quickly absorb fluids and restore a healthy level of hydration.
  • HIGH5 ZERO’s scientific formula includes Vitamin C, which helps to support a healthy immune system, protect cells from oxidative stress and reduce tiredness and fatigue.
  • With natural flavourings, HIGH5 ZERO makes a refreshing great tasting electrolyte drink.
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