These are my new go-to “toe socks”.  They are a bit more durable than the Injinji Brand, but they are also cheaper and have great colours.  If you have not yet tried toe-socks and you suffer with sores or blisters between your toes then consider getting a pair (these versions come in packs of three).

  • Toe socks keep each toe separated
  • Increases the flexibility of toes
  • Reduce friction between the toes
  • Effectively avoids blisters

The Coolmax socks manage moisture very effectively with their ant-sweat material and moisture wicking.  They also prevent allergy rashes and athlete’s foot effectively.   They have arch support and additional protection in areas such as the heels and top of the foot.  The material used is super soft, with 70% COOLMAX, 27% Nylon, 3% Lycra


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